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Dumplings – the pizza of China

Ah dumplings, the half-moon shaped oriental pastry that promises mouthfuls of the beautiful mix of smooth, thin wrap, and a juicy, flavourful, tender meatball with vegetables. It is a mini meal in every bite. Like Pizzas in Italy or the Fish Soup in Norway, dumplings, or in Mandarin “Jiaozi”, is probably a star representative of… Continue reading Dumplings – the pizza of China

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我在台湾长大I grew up in Taiwan: Interview with Målfrid

「 我们小的时候就像其他小孩子。有一次我们两姐妹和父母逛街,我们指着街上一个人说,看,外国人!我们太习惯当地生活,都不为意自己本身就是外国人!我们有幸住在台湾一个小小的地方,父母认识很多本地人,所以我们经常得到邀请,参与婚礼之类的宴会...

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Celebrating the longest night of the year

Just as we are getting into the festive season here in Norway, people in China also have a widely celebrated tradition around this time of the year. On exactly today (22nd December), the Winter Solstice, or 冬至(dōng zhì) is celebrated in millions of Chinese homes. This tradition could be traced back to over four thousand… Continue reading Celebrating the longest night of the year

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The Chinese “Christmas Turkey”

If you have been to Gladmat at Stavanger this Summer, you may remember the Chinese stall selling roasted ducks served in an exotic sauce. It is indeed the proverbial Peking Duck, prepared by one of the best known master chef at Bianyi Fang in Beijing. Not only is this dish well known for the tender,… Continue reading The Chinese “Christmas Turkey”

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When Winter Wonderland Land Meets Reality

Do you know that Chinese character for “snow” 雪 (xuĕ) poetically depict the meaning of “feathers falling like rain”? Despite the cold, most people would agree that snow is beautiful and a wonder in nature. As Norwegians are checking for the snowiest place for ski and winter sports for this winter holiday, many Chinese are… Continue reading When Winter Wonderland Land Meets Reality

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在挪威创作中国音乐Creating Chinese Music in Norway: Interview with Halvard

“我对中国的第一个印象来自一套八十年代叫《妖魔大鬧唐人街》(“Big Trouble in Little China”)的美国电影。里面描绘的中国是个神秘的地方,人会飞来飞去,也有一些神话故事和文化元素。我是听着很多种类的音乐长大的,所以能辨认出各种类型,中国音乐对我来说很有异国味道,感觉是梦幻而快乐的...

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我和气功的故事My Story of Qigong: Interview with Stig

我与气功结缘是很久以前的事了。从小我就对东方哲学很有兴趣,记得那时住在卑尔根,常常去图书馆,每当有关东方哲学的书一出版我就会找来看。 1998年我参加了一个瑜伽馆的气功班,班上的同学说每个星期天早上都去峡湾旁一个地方练习,但最后只剩下我一个人坚持下去...

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Chinese, Japanese and Korean: how are they different?

In 2015, 23% of global tourists to Norway were from Asia. The majority were Chinese, but Japan and Korea have a lot more connection with Norway than you might first think. Most Norwegians are no strangers to electronic brands like Sony, Samsung or Toyota and Hyndai, and perhaps even the animation producer Miyasaki and his… Continue reading Chinese, Japanese and Korean: how are they different?

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How many Chinese characters are there?

How many Chinese characters are there really? This can be answered with a simple number, but this number itself in isolation does not tell us much. Instead, if we dig deeper into the question, it would reveal some fundamental characteristics of the Chinese language. To start with, what actually is a character? A character or… Continue reading How many Chinese characters are there?