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我和气功的故事My Story of Qigong: Interview with Stig

Stig 是一位气功老师,现居于斯塔万格。

“我与气功结缘是很久以前的事了。从小我就对东方哲学很有兴趣,记得那时住在卑尔根,常常去图书馆,每当有关东方哲学的书一出版我就会找来看。 1998年我参加了一个瑜伽馆的气功班,班上的同学说每个星期天早上都去峡湾旁一个地方练习,但最后只剩下我一个人坚持下去,所以我看到一年四季旖旎的风光,我很享受。我于是就开始跟随来自北京的李师父学习气功。我也决定要取得国际认可的资格,成为一位气功老师。其实我可以每两年去一次,但我是每年都去,因为气功练习对我启发很多,而且每次见见来自四海的老朋友,也是很高兴的事。据我了解,中国哲学有两个学派,儒教和道教,而两个可以说是背道而驰。儒教注重于指导人的行为,我觉得这样不利于创作。我是比较喜欢道教,顺应自然而且包容性很高,而道教就是气功背后的哲学。气功提高了我的生活质素,帮助我对事抱有一个正面态度。我不再感到纳闷,因为我不再花时间去等待人和事的发生。等待即是浪费时间,但生活应该是当下的。气功教了我如何活在当下。”

“My story with Qigong can be traced back a long way. I have always been interested in Eastern philosophy since I was young. I remember going to the library in Bergen, and reading every new book they got on Eastern Philosophy. In 1998 I went to a Qigong class offered in a Yoga studio. My classmates decided to practice at the same place every Sunday morning, but eventually only I was left to continue the practice. I really enjoyed it. Because of this I observed the variation in nature over the years by the fjord and it was amazing. I started to follow a master, Master Li, from Beijing, in practicing Qigong. I also decided to be certified as a Qigong teacher, so I travel for the Teaching Training. I only need to do that every other year; but I find the practice so inspiring, and it is nice to meet old friends from different places in the world, therefore I travel for the training every year. From my understanding of Chinese philosophy, the two main schools, Daoism and Confucianism go two opposite ways. Confucianism is about telling people what to do. I think it kills creativity. I like Daoism philosophy better. It asks you to follow nature and is more open-minded. It is the philosophy behind Qigong. Qigong has raised my quality of life, for example it helps me maintain a positive attitude, and I no longer get bored anymore because I do not wait for things or people. Waiting is like putting your life on hold, but life is the here and now. Qigong has taught me to live in the moment.”

The interview series is a project to explore the lives of individuals living in the intersection of the Chinese and Norwegian cultures, to show the similarities and contrasts, expectations and surprises, and the possibilities of synergy between the two cultures, experienced by individuals, one story at a time. 人物访问系列 以活生生的个人故事,探讨生活在中挪两个文化之间的人物,面对当中的协调与矛盾、期望与惊喜,以至互相补足提升的可能。