About Us

Jiao Xie Center for Chinese Language and Culture gathers and relays Chinese resources in Rogaland County as well as Norway in general. 

We are your point of reference for specialists within academia and business related to China. Currently, our main activity is a weekly Chinese language cafe, Tea Talk Time,  for all who are interested to practice the language and learn about the culture. 

The Chinese characters for Jiao Xie,  交谐 ,  refer to communication and harmony.

Founder and General Manager: Yuhong Jin Hermansen

Jiao Xie Center for Chinese Culture and Language was established in early 2012 by Ms. Yuhong Jin Hermansen. Ms. Hermansen has lived in Norway since 1995, and worked as an industrial design engineer and as a sales consultant in China prior to this. Currently she mainly works within investment and international shipping, and is also a business owner, CEO, and has several board memberships. Ms. Hermansen is the founder and owner of Jiao Xie Center for Chinese Culture and Language.

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