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How did people learn Chinese before Pinyin? (1)

If you were tasked with the mission to make the Chinese language easier to learn, what would you do? A stone carving depicting a wealthy scholar with his apprentice, whose main job was to carry the scholar's scrolls around For thousands of years, the Chinese language was exclusively studied by the privileged, or those who… Continue reading How did people learn Chinese before Pinyin? (1)

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Dumplings – the pizza of China

Ah dumplings, the half-moon shaped oriental pastry that promises mouthfuls of the beautiful mix of smooth, thin wrap, and a juicy, flavourful, tender meatball with vegetables. It is a mini meal in every bite. Like Pizzas in Italy or the Fish Soup in Norway, dumplings, or in Mandarin “Jiaozi”, is probably a star representative of… Continue reading Dumplings – the pizza of China

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Celebrating the longest night of the year

Just as we are getting into the festive season here in Norway, people in China also have a widely celebrated tradition around this time of the year. On exactly today (22nd December), the Winter Solstice, or 冬至(dōng zhì) is celebrated in millions of Chinese homes. This tradition could be traced back to over four thousand… Continue reading Celebrating the longest night of the year

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The Chinese “Christmas Turkey”

If you have been to Gladmat at Stavanger this Summer, you may remember the Chinese stall selling roasted ducks served in an exotic sauce. It is indeed the proverbial Peking Duck, prepared by one of the best known master chef at Bianyi Fang in Beijing. Not only is this dish well known for the tender,… Continue reading The Chinese “Christmas Turkey”

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有幸到挪威游峡湾的话,您一定会看过点缀在两岸高耸的山峦间,或是平静如镜的海岸边,偶然出现数间小木屋,让人感到特别的与世无争、悠然自得。在挪威语里,小木屋叫 ‘’hytte’’(发音近似hǜde). 其实,要把‘’hytte’’这个挪威词翻译成一个能很贴切地反映出它的全部外在和内涵的中文还很难找到...

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Same Moon, International Flavours: The Mooncake Festival (2)

Aside from the old legend and regional variations, the more recent story of the mooncake is a fascinating case study of a tradition which has survived and thrived through time, social and economic changes, mass commercialization and globalization. Unlike some other old traditions which have slowly faded out, the market for mooncakes have expanded much… Continue reading Same Moon, International Flavours: The Mooncake Festival (2)