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How did people learn Chinese before Pinyin? (1)

If you were tasked with the mission to make the Chinese language easier to learn, what would you do? A stone carving depicting a wealthy scholar with his apprentice, whose main job was to carry the scholar's scrolls around For thousands of years, the Chinese language was exclusively studied by the privileged, or those who… Continue reading How did people learn Chinese before Pinyin? (1)

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The cunning hare has three burrows: A Chinese tale on smart strategies

God Påske! It is the time of the year again: in shop windows, home decoration, advertisement, social media, the Easter bunny is filling all empty space with overloading cuteness and colourful eggs. A symbol of fertility and life in the Western tradition, the fluffy innocent rabbit embodies the season of Spring. In Chinese culture, however,… Continue reading The cunning hare has three burrows: A Chinese tale on smart strategies

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Not so lost in Translation 2

 “Slip carefully” is the Google Translate for 小心滑倒, a common sign in Chinese for “Caution, Slippery”. Hilarious fails aside, we have to say Chinese-English translation can be tricky. Sometimes, what seem to make sense logically from the translators’ point of view, is spectacularly wrong for the audience. Here are four most common reasons for translation… Continue reading Not so lost in Translation 2

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China Express: the story of the Chinese railway

Millions of Chinese have travelled back home from cities to rural areas last week for the Spring Festival celebration, but there were not photos of long lines of traffic jams like those during Christmas in Europe or North America. The reason? Most people travelled by train for their annual trip. Not only is it a… Continue reading China Express: the story of the Chinese railway

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Dumplings – the pizza of China

Ah dumplings, the half-moon shaped oriental pastry that promises mouthfuls of the beautiful mix of smooth, thin wrap, and a juicy, flavourful, tender meatball with vegetables. It is a mini meal in every bite. Like Pizzas in Italy or the Fish Soup in Norway, dumplings, or in Mandarin “Jiaozi”, is probably a star representative of… Continue reading Dumplings – the pizza of China

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我在台湾长大I grew up in Taiwan: Interview with Målfrid

「 我们小的时候就像其他小孩子。有一次我们两姐妹和父母逛街,我们指着街上一个人说,看,外国人!我们太习惯当地生活,都不为意自己本身就是外国人!我们有幸住在台湾一个小小的地方,父母认识很多本地人,所以我们经常得到邀请,参与婚礼之类的宴会...